Centreless grinding

Our company has in possession the technologies of „BEZHROTÉ“ grinding. We use this kind of technology for grinding of the rotating surface of a workpiece, which is put between two discs. One of these has the grinding function and the other one has the driving function. We are more than ready to produce for you in the form of serial production thanks to this technology.

The description of the centreless grinding

The principle of „BEZHROTÉ“ grinding lies in the fact that, the grinding runner , which is part of the „BEZHROTÉ“ grinder is rotating faster that the driving plate . The driving plates are mostly made of the flexible materials for example: rubber. The upper site of the supporting ruler is often slightly inclined to the plate, which is holding the product. It is because of ensuring the reliable rotating with the speed of the workpiece which is about 20-40mm per minute.

Pass-through and recessing grinding

We can also divide the centreless grinding into two groups: pass through and recessing grinding. We have in our possession both of the technologies, mentioned above.

Pass-through grinding

This is a type of grinding where the final products continuously move along on the grinder. This column of the products fluently moves along on the grinder, where it goes through between the grinding plates. The important fact is, that only one external diameter is grinded.

Recessing grinding

Speaking about this type grinding, we have to point out that all the parts of the grinder show „the negative profile of the workpiece“. We can grind on one workpiece more variable number of different diameters, this way.

The high quality and the good system of our work are confirmed by the certificate ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001.

Our products

The final production of our activity could be for example the exact pegs, or rollers to the rolling bears, at the same time we have to point out that the small rings designated for the bears could be grinded by a centreless procedure. We also produce pins, small rings, parts of pistons, piston bar, gear shaft, semi-finished products for installed camshaft.

Thanks to our well trained staff of our machines, we are able to ensure our customers that our products will always be of the highest quality and with the minimum of waste products.

Inquire grinding

Bezhrotá bruska BB6

Pracovní prostor:
největší průměr broušení 63mm
nejmenší průměr broušení 1,5 mm
největší délka broušení bez podávacího zařízení 320 mm
největší délka při zapichování 195 mm
Rozměry brusného kotouče:
největší průměr 400 mm
největší šířka 200 mm
Rozměry podávacího kotouče:
největší průměr 300 mm
největší šířka 200 mm
přestavitelnost brusného vřeteníku 100 mm
počet otáček brusného kotouče 1675ot/min
po opotřebení kotouče 1900ot/min
Počet otáček podávacího kotouče:
plynule měnitelné v rozsahu 6-312ot/min
pro orovnávání 625ot/min
elektromotor pro pohon brusného vřetene 12kW
celkový výkon elektromotoru 16kW
půdorysná plocha stroje 1900x2600mm
váha stroje s příslušenstvím 3200kg
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ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001


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